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Gladiators, Are You Ready?

Privateer rider on muddy hill

Stoke levels are beyond high at Privateer HQ this week as Privateer & Hunt Rider Kerry Wilson dominated our TV screens last Saturday night, on the first episode of the rebooted popular TV series, Gladiators!

Kerry, wearing all red has been named as “Superstar Scot” as she took on the new line up of Gladiators, before tackling the infamous “Travelator” and WINNING! Kerry now moves onto the quarter-finals and we couldn’t be more excited!


Kerry, who was voted in the top 100 most inspirational women in cycling in December, holds the Scottish Downhill Championship of 2021 and 2022, brought her ‘A game’ to the Gladiators arena. She soared through the challenges with the same grit and determination that earned her championship titles on the mountain. Kerry was filming for Gladiators and missed the Scottish Champs in 2023 but is hoping to regain that title this year!

We asked Kerry if her mountain bike skills contributed to her success at the weekend and heres what she had to say – “My grip strength saved me on ‘Hang Tough and that definitely comes from biking, I managed to hold on to the rings with a Gladiators entire body weight bouncing on me, trying to get me to release. Then entire experience was just surreal and once in a lifetime. I just gave it beans man ha.

We are raising our helmets to Kerry who conquered a new kind of challenge. Stay tuned as her journey through Gladiators unfolds!