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Tracked Shipping to EU | 60 Day Ride & Return | All Import Taxes Included

Pricing, Taxes and Import Duties


UK & European Union

Payments on eu.privateerbikes.com are collected in Euros, Swedish Krona and Danish Krone. If you wish to pay in Pound Sterling, please visit www.privateerbikes.com. The price you pay will be converted by your credit card company/PayPal at their exchange rates from your normal card/PayPal account currency and may include charges so please check with them if you would like to confirm these before ordering. The payment includes free worldwide shipping on frames and bikes, however we do reserve the right to cancel the order if shipping to your address is excessive and unforeseen, however this is very rare and we will do all we can to avoid this as obviously we want to support our customers and do all we can to allow you to ride Privateer bikes.


At Privateer Bikes we aim to offer the very best service to all our riders. We understand that there has been some uncertainty and change since the UK’s departure from the EU. With that in mind, we want to make ordering from Privateer Bikes as smooth as possible for our European riders by covering all import duties, taxes and handling costs when you place your order eu.privateerbikes.com, there are NO hidden charges - the price that you see advertised is the price that you pay.

We aim to make the process of receiving your wheels hassle-free, but you may be asked to confirm a few details with your local customs office, such as:

  • Providing proof of payments to our shipping partner on behalf of your local customs team depending on the value of your shipment.  

  • Our shipping partners may contact you for clearance authorization depending on the value of your order. This will usually be via email. 

  • Providing your Personal Tax ID, depending on the value of your order.