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How to keep your E-bike Battery in Good Health

E161 battery compartment

Now the frost has well and truly arrived, it’s time to talk about something crucial – keeping your battery in tip top shape during the colder months. In this journal we will give you some helpful, battery health tips. So keep reading, and make sure to get the best out of your battery over the winter months!

Shimano battery
Battery on e161 removed, exposing cable routing

1 – Temperature Control:  

Storage matters: Keep your E-Bike Battery indoors when not in use. Cold temperatures can affect battery performance, so after its charged, remove it from the bike and find a spot for it indoors.   

2 – Winter Storage:  

If you don’t plan on getting out much during the winter, make sure to store your battery correctly. You should first charge it to around 70% full. To ensure your battery stays in the best condition, re-charge it to around 70% full every six months. Make sure to fully charge your battery when you want to ride again.

Ferg riding the E161

3 – Battery Check-ups:  

Regular inspections: Give your battery a visual check regularly. You will most likely do this anyway, but it’s worth paying close attention to your battery and checking for any damage. Pay close attention to the connectors and ensure they are clean and dry, this is especially important after a very wet ride or after cleaning. 

4 – Mind the Cold:  

Warm up a bit before riding: Before you hit the trails, let your E-bike warm up a bit. The battery performs better when it's not freezing.

5 – Shelter Your Charger:  

Charge Indoors: When charging, do it indoors. Cold temperatures during charging can impact the battery’s efficiency. The Shimano STEPS system found on the Privateer E161 monitors the temperature and will pause charging if the environment is too cold.

6 – Software Updates: 

Stay Updated: Keep your bike’s software up to date. Manufacturers often release updates that can enhance battery performance in different conditions.  

E161 battery compartment

By following these tips, you should be able to get the most from your E161 battery. If you have any other questions then feel free to speak to our Rider Experience team who are always happy to help with your Privateer questions!

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