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Ian Hayward

Customer Service & TechStrava

Ian helps answering all questions you might have on HUNT or anything else cycling related

Ian started riding in 1983 with Clarence Wheelers, whose founder Alf Whiteway advocated using low gears and pedalling quickly rather than mashing big gears. So he would win medium gear timetrials  and races on the track but not much else. His most memorable ride though was when with Ray Hughes he won the National Tandem Club Championship in 1987 using a 60t Chainring, memorable because he cramped up in both calves with five miles to go and Ray wasn’t waiting for him, extremely painful! Although Ian used to climb quickly and perform well in Hill Climbs, now he is rather too fond of bread pudding and anything sweet so labours up the hills he used to race on, a proper ‘Mamil’! These days he does not race but still enjoys trips to the French Alps where he prefers to plummet down mountains rather than ride up them!

After spending many years in the cycling industry working for one of UK's biggest distributors, he joined The Rider Firm to help with customer service and provide you with technical knowledge.